Here’s to the Yuppies!

The first time I heard of the word “yuppie” was from my partner at work. I was at a work Chili Cook-off Competition and we were at a coworker’s house in Gilbert, Arizona. The partner was making a reference to Gilbert, to the house we were in, to all our coworkers, to me. I didn’t know what a “yuppie” was, so eventually I looked it up. Here is what a “yuppie” is according to Investopedia:

“Yuppie is a slang term denoting the market segment of young urban professionals. A yuppie is often characterized by youth, affluence, and business success. They are often preppy in appearance and like to show off their success by their style and possessions.”

Immediately I think of someone getting a pumpkin-spice latte from Starbucks, going to an overpriced spin class, shopping at Whole Foods, and paying $100+ for yoga pants at Lululemon. I think of someone without any actual problems. Ultimately, I think of people I don’t like.

Then I think about me and my life, and that moment when he said it to me. I was at a competition where everyone was tasked with bringing in their best homemade chili. Even our one Indian coworker was there. Not sure what went through her mind when invited to this event – let me go to a contest where everyone will prepare a soup of the one animal I worship. The prize for the winner was a gift card to Amazon, there was abundant alcohol, and I was annoyed that this got in the way of my weekend Farmer’s Market plans.

Yep – Farmer’s Market plans, which probably means I’m most definitely a “yuppie.” Maybe I don’t flaunt my possessions, or buy $100 pants, but I certainly don’t have any real problems. I work in one of the big four public accounting firms, I work a lot (sometimes over 70 hours per week) but it’s not terrible – I am not laying concrete in the heat. I travel a lot (for business and pleasure) and, for my age, it feels like I’ve been to many fancy places. I have favorite wines, cocktails, and cheeses. I have favorite brands and opinions for why some are better. In the last two years I even became a member of a vineyard and acquired a wine fridge. Basically, I’m pretty sure I’m one of those people that someone else does not like.

And, if my intention is to be authentic on this corner of the web, then I may as well embrace the stereotype and own it. So here’s to the yuppies – the young, up and coming, urban professionals out there just like me. Those who are chiseling away at the corporate ladders, making their own cocktails, arranging their cheeseboards and game nights, traveling to new places, and leading “healthy” lifestyles packed with yoga classes and kale smoothies. This blog is as much for you as it is for me.  

Just me, chiseling away at the corporate ladder...

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